If vendors spent less on marketing and more on capability, our job would be a lot harder

Cryptominers, keyloggers, and exploit kits. This is just a small sample of the malware we discovered in the environment of a financial services firm during a recent Proof of Concept. 

The client (our PoC was successful) had been using a ‘next-gen’ end-point protection solution, so was naturally confident it was protected… it didn’t take long to shatter this illusion. 

Valyria, Ursnif, Spector, and Redkit were just some of malware variants we found on the system in various locations. Not only had all these attacks bypassed the firm’s external defences, but its end-point protection solution had completely failed to protect its end-points.

During the course of our PoCs, we compare our service against some of the world’s largest vendors – Cylance, Symantec, Palo Alto, Microsoft, McAfee, Crowdstrike Falcon and Clamav.   

We do this because we know the marketing dollars behind some of these firms is something we could never hope (nor want) to compete against. 

Where we do know we can compete, is where it actually matters – in the trenches, in our technical capability and expertise.  

During this particular four-month PoC, we found nine infections that had been successful (as well as stopping numerous attempted attacks). 

Below, we’ve listed each of the pieces of malware we discovered, the vendors that missed them, and the hashes for security analysts to update their defences. 

If vendors spent less money on marketing, and more on their technical capability, maybe the list would be shorter… it would mean our PoCs wouldn’t be as effective, but it would also mean enterprises received the protection they paid for. 

So, if you’re worried the security solution you bought isn’t living up to its marketing hype, please get in touch with us at info@lmntrix.com

On 2018-03-22

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