Twitter Breached Again? Donald Trump Account Revealed?

It seems only yesterday when Twitter was breached exposing the credentials of more than 250,000 users.

Our researchers have located what looks to be a new dump on the dark web of what seems to be over 2GB worth of login details. We have just begun to explore this breach, but there are likely millions of credentials with this dump and they include clear text passwords.

We have verified that the login details are real. However, thanks to the two-factor authentication system employed by Twitter, it seems most accounts are safe. That said, we would urge all users to change their passwords and make sure the passwords used on Twitter are not used with any other online services, which is often the case.

A search of the data trove has found what seems to be or have once been U.S. President Donald Trump's Twitter login and password:; yourfired.

For further information about this research, please contact: 

On 2017-06-28

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