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Deserve A Solution That’s Cheaper Yet Better
What’s wrong with cheap? As in something that is of high-quality and tested power, but much less expensive?
The “Veblen Effect” is a fancy economic term for a simple truth: if a thing costs a lot people tend to assume it’s better.

When it comes to cybersecurity more expensive doesn’t mean better, it only means more expensive.

How many CIOs spend millions every year on sandboxes, IPSs, and next generation firewalls and a host of other security controls, only to be embarrassed by a breach that exposes millions of customers and sees yet another outfoxed security executive thrown out on the street?

Vendors will tell you they didn't have the latest kit. Consultants will tell you they need to add a hundred high-priced experts to their SOC and outsource to an MSSP just in case.

They do and guess what? They still get breached. And when they complain, as they have every right to do, the experts shrug and tell them they need to spend more.

The secret that the cybersecurity industry doesn’t want you to hear is this: cybersecurity doesn’t need to be expensive to be effective. Vendors charge a lot because they can (and how better to offset the huge marketing costs that promise the next cybersecurity silver bullet?).

LMNTRIX doesn’t spend a lot on marketing. We focus all our energy on cyber outcomes not cyber sizzle. We run smart, we hunt where it’s quiet, we protect what matters, we use our wits not your pocketbook to deliver genuine protection. We believe you deserve better outcomes, fewer excuses, and the right not to throw your money away because an industry said you must.

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