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ICS Attacks on Nuclear Facilities: A Cause for Alarm

May 8, 2020

The geopolitical scenario of United States and Iran has often spilled over into the realm of Cyberspace between the countries and 2020 was no exception. On 6th January 2020 the US department of Homeland Security published a Cyber Alert  which is to be considered as an anticipated warning for Iran in response to a Baghdad […]

1 Pandemic, 3 Threat Groups, 1 new Ransomware and a Vulnerability, what do you get? A recipe for a great hack!

April 20, 2020

Introduction: As the world plunges into the pandemic chaos, cyber attackers show little or no remorse on attacking enterprises, hospitals, and critical infrastructures using sophisticated techniques. FBI has warned against the rise of cyber attacks across the globe taking advantage of the crisis. One such sophisticated technique is to exploit the vendors product vulnerability in […]

Detecting CVE-2019-0708 “BlueKeep” Attacks with LMNTRIX Hunt

July 24, 2019

Background In mid-May 2019, Microsoft released a patch for “BlueKeep”, describing it as a “Remote Desktop Services Remote Code Execution Vulnerability”. In real terms, this means that an attacker could connect to a vulnerable system using RDP and, after sending a specially crafted request, had the ability to execute arbitrary code on the victim endpoint. […]

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