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Business Email Compromise: A Billion-Dollar Problem

Over $12B has been lost to spear phishing and account takeover. Targeted attacks carry no malicious payload (URLs or attachments) and bypass all email gateways easily..

LMNTRIX XDR learns your business’s unique communication patterns to detect personalized fraud in real-time to protect against business email compromise and account takeover including: .

✅ Conversation hijacking
✅ Extortion
✅ Impersonation
✅ Phishing
✅ Scamming

Download this early white paper to learn about our BEC protection solution.

You can also discover threats hiding in your inboxes right now before your users do with a complimentary threat scan. Register at https://lmntrix.com/demo or email us at info@lmntrix.com to book your scan.

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