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For many enterprises, the migration and adoption of cloud platforms were already underway before 2020 started. As soon as many governments started instituting lockdowns and travel bans in an effort to curb the COVID-19 pandemic. As businesses looked for ways to try and mitigate the devastating financial effect of the pandemic they saw Cloud solutions as potential hedges against financial loss and improving workflow. This led to the rapid adoption of cloud solutions be they provided from a third-party or looking to develop a private cloud.

As the cloud grows, so do the security threats. Credential abuse, misconfigurations and lack of visibility creates vulnerabilities for targeted attacks. A suitable strategic approach can mitigate these risks.

Download this report to learn how cloud security using the LMNTRIX Active Defense protects traditional on-premise workloads from being leveraged for cloud attacks. Our technology stack natively integrates with cloud providers to add protection, detection and visibility for existing cloud workloads at scale. As environments and attackers change, our ongoing innovations help our customers meet new security challenges and prevent advanced attacks that go undetected by traditional security measures.

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