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What Does It Really Cost to Build a 24/7 SOC?

Building a SOC, of whatever type you need, will take considerable effort, expertise, and resources to complete successfully. Never underestimate just how expensive it will be or how long it can take to get from a paper plan to a fully operational facility running at optimal efficiency.

With the extensive requirements for conceiving, developing, building, and staffing a SOC, it is easy to see why SOCs can cost so much and yet still fail to live up to expectations. It is essential to keep in mind before starting this process that no SOC will be perfect, particularly when it first goes live. SOC’s need constant maintenance, updating, enhancement, and evolution if they are to become effective and remain viable over the long term.

Download this white paper to answer the following questions:

  • Do you need a SOC?
  • What will a SOC do for you?
  • Why should I build a SOC?
  • What do I need to build a SOC?
  • Cost estimates to build a SOC
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