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LMNTRIX was founded by Carlo Minassian , a cybersecurity entrepreneur with over twenty years in the industry. Carlo pioneered MSSP in Australia after seeing a need in the market that few did. He left a secure future with IBM to start a business in his bedroom. He and his team were so far ahead of the curve they struggled at first. Thirteen years later this company, earthwave, had become a Gartner magic quadrant leader and was sold to Dimension Data. Carlo embarked on the journey to globalize the service he had created.

It’s Not About The Money

Yahoo, Target, Sony, RSA, Ebay, Anthem, the US Military, Heartland, Dropbox, JP Morgan Chase, Home Depot, Linkedin, Adobe, the NSA, and a thousand others that shall remain un-named, were investing millions of dollars per annum on their cyber security programs. Many had security forces of hundreds of experts together with shiny SOC’s and the latest next generation sandboxes, firewalls, SIEM’s, EDR, you name it, but when it mattered . . .

They. Just. Didn’t. Know.

“There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.
-Victor Hugo”
We are visionaries maintaining a wide field of view, feet on the ground, eyes on the horizon, creating the future, participating in the historic changes in the security industry today.
We are a principles-based business. We treat the people who work with, around and for us, and those to whom we are accountable with clarity, respect, integrity. We take responsibility for our environment and ourselves.
We strive to be on the leading edge of our industry and better at what we do than anybody else. In serving our partners we count on knowing every detail, and every detail counts. We search for genius and reward it..
We bring energy and confidence to every engagement. Our attitude is young, flexible, positive and forward-looking. Individual team members are vital to our company, and our company is an important player in our industries. The priorities of our work are the priorities of the industry.
We stretch to expand our business by extending the realm of what's possible, expanding the minds, capabilities and imaginations of our employees and partners. As we grow our business, so we enlarge the world with our contributions.
We put our hearts into our work, and take our work to heart. We operate in a spirit of contribution and generosity. We operate based upon the principles of abundance and interdependence. We try everywhere to be part of the solution, not part of the problem, expanding the humanity of the people whose lives we touch.
Does this sound like something you'd like to be a part of? To find out more, click here to see what kind of opportunities await, or get in touch with us to find out more.
“For most people, for most companies, the future is something that happens
to them while they are busy doing something else, but not for us."
Carpe Diem!!!
LMNTRIX is very flat in terms of authority and accountability; these are distributed widely, creating opportunities for leadership development for employees at all levels of their personal development. However, it also means that there is no place for weaknesses in individuals to hide. Virtually everyone in LMNTRIX is subjected to 360-degree professional exposure and performance evaluation. Seniority in age, education, time with the company, and professional experience are of themselves relevant only to the extent they are turned to benefit the work of LMNTRIX. Everyone in LMNTRIX is a leader of some project, everyone is accountable in some capacity to colleagues from different groups, of different ages and backgrounds, and everyone is judged more fairly according to their contributions to the results LMNTRIX has to achieve.

We believe that this approach to organizing LMNTRIX around the elements of the Company, its People, the relevant individual and corporate relationships and the work to be done is more sensible than retrofitting to a conventional organization structure. It has been effective in eradicating big company bureaucracy to a minimum while allowing us to continue to attract and maintain the best talent, engaging not only their minds but also their hearts.
LMNTRIX is led by Carlo Minassian who has deep expertise in enterprise security, security-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud industries and a passion for fundamentally improving network security.

Carlo Minassian is a widely recognized pioneer in information security, and a serial entrepreneur of security-as-a-service companies. Today Carlo is the founder and CEO of LMNTRIX, an innovative security company that integrates deep expertise with cutting-edge technology, leading intelligence, and advanced analytics to detect and investigate threats with great speed, accuracy, and focus. Carlo’s passion is the building of companies that deliver security as an outcome by unlocking the power of security technology combined with cloud solutions and deep security expertise.

Prior to founding LMNTRIX, Carlo was founder and CEO of the Gartner leading MSSP earthwave, where over a 13 year period he was responsible for the vision and growth of earthwave prior to its acquisition by Dimension Data. He joined Dimension Data as Group GM and later as Technical Director, and over the next 3 years globalized the earthwave capability prior to leaving Dimension Data in 2016 to startup LMNTRIX.
Hamlet Khodaverdian
Vice President, Americas
Hamlet Khodaverdian is Vice President, Americas at LMNTRIX, and is responsible for all customer-facing functions. This includes driving LMNTRIX adoption in the Americas region, go-to-market partners, and coordination with LMNTRIX’s support and services for the Americas region.

Hamlet is a business technology executive with more than 20 years’ experience. He has held various roles in multiple companies leading sales teams, software engineering teams, IT infrastructure teams, business intelligence and data science teams. In the past, he has been at Canon R&D, Western Mutual Insurance Group, Alliance Funding Group, Quick Bridge Funding, and has been involved in a number of startups.

Through his various leadership roles, he has gained extensive experience in building high- performance teams, in addition to extensive experience with enterprise risk management, security architecture (both infrastructure related and software engineering related), governance and compliance. Hamlet earned an Applied Mathematics degree with emphasis in Theoretical Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley in 1998.
Peng Chuan Lim
Vice President, South East Asia
Peng Chuan Lim (Peng) is Vice President, South East Asia at LMNTRIX, and is responsible for all customer-facing functions. This includes go-to-market partners, and coordination with LMNTRIX's support and services for the South East Asia region.

Peng is a seasoned business executive with more than 20 years’ experience in presales, sales leadership and regional management positions in leading global technology organizations including Endace, Meru Networks and Netscout. Most recently Peng set up a start-up incubator to help the next generation of entrepreneurs gain a sales foothold in the Asia Pacific market.

He has served in both management and individual contribution roles across Asia Pacific covering countries such as India, Greater China, Japan, Korea and the South East Asia region.
Peng graduated from the Glasgow University, with a BSc (Hons) in Computing Science.
KK Kaustubh
Vice President - APAC
Mr. KK Kaustubh (fondly called “KK” in the industry) is a veteran Business Management, Information Security, Privacy, Trust & Faith Professional since the year 1991.

He represents LMNTRIX as, “Vice President - APAC”. He operates out of India at present. He has extensive experience in “Business-Verticals” like - Retail, BFSI, Energy, Manufacturing, Healthcare & Pharma, Government, Telcos, Transportation, Defense, Security Investigations, Forensics, Education & Training.

The above is coupled with him working in “Technology-Verticals” like Extended Detection & Response (XDR, MDR), Identity Management, Analytics, Identity Forensics, Access Governance/ Control, GRC, Deception Technologies, ML/DL, Data Science, Quantum Computing. He has been offering services with full alignment between the Business & Information Security, as Vendor Agnostic "Insights-driven" engagements to win buy-in from the Executive- Management. The Services are Product-, Vendor- and Provider-agnostic, to begin with.

KK also has been playing a role of an Orchestrator & an Aggregator to benefit its clients with the optimal-fit resolution to the challenges.
Ian Murphy
Vice President, Europe
Ian is a seasoned security professional with over 24 years experience working in both the private and public sectors. His car eer has seen him lead teams across EMEA and APAC in both a sales and technical capacity.

Previously Ian lead the Symantec MSS offering in EMEA and this experience has led him to develop further MSS based offerings for his consulting customers.

Ian has a breadth and depth of technical knowledge that sees him regularly consulted on complex security architectures.

Ian's entrepreneurial style also has seen him feature prominently in several start up ventures that seek to solve complex business problems for his customers.

Ian's previous life saw him flirt with a career in professional football. This led him to a childhood dream of playing at his national stadium Wembley.
Vic Mankotia
Vice President, Strategic Alliances
As Vice President of International Sales, Vic Mankotia is responsible for driving global LMNTRIX adoption, particularly in the Large Enterprise and Government sectors.

An industry veteran with almost 20 years’ experience, Mankotia joins LMNTRIX after successful careers with CA and Symantec, where he held various executive roles. At CA, he was most recently Vice President Security, Asia Pacific and Japan, and previously Vice President, API Management and Security Sales, Asia Pacific and Japan.

Vic has numerous industry affiliations and qualifications from institutions such as the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) and Australian Institute of Management. As an industry thought leader, he has spoken at numerous industry and business forums, including as a panelist at the World Economic Forum.

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