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Active Defense


The LMNTRIX Active Defense is a validated and integrated threat detection and response architecture that hunts down and eliminates the advanced and unknown threats that routinely bypass perimeter controls.

Our cyberarsenal includes a combination of cutting-edge technology, leading intelligence, and advanced analytics which, when wielded by professionals with unparalleled expertise, allows us to detect and investigate the threats that others fail to even identify. Not only can we see the threats that others are blind to, we do so with great speed and accuracy.

The technical aspect of our Active Defense includes advanced network and endpoint threat detection, deceptions everywhere, analytics and real-time global threat intelligence technology. While these technologies are without peer, what sets us apart from the pack is our team of cyber professionals who continually monitor our client’s environments while simultaneously hunting threats internally as well as monitoring developments on the deep and dark web.

This combination of technology and expertise means our clients gain a fully managed service – delivered by the most experienced security analysts – that defends against the most determined and well-equipped adversaries. Whether the would-be attacker is deploying zero-day attacks, or is a government-sponsored advanced persistent threat, our cyber defense centers are vigilant 24/7, leaving assailants with nowhere to hide.

Ultimately, our goal at LMNTRIX is to give our clients a sober and realistic view of their cybersecurity – or lack thereof – in order to protect their business, their reputation and their data. By shining a light on the weak spots in their defenses and offering a comprehensive and seasoned alternative, one which doesn’t stop at the perimeter, we are able to stop more breaches, more accurately, with lower false positives and at a lower price than anyone else.

The LMNTRIX Active Defense can be deployed in-house or consumed from the LMNTRIX Cloud. Our validated architecture is made up of the following elements:

Active Defense
Context-aware & Intelligence-driven
zero Hype - zero False/Positives - zero Excuses
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