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LMNTRIX Managed Detection

LMNTRIX® Managed Detection Response

LMNTRIX Detect uses a proprietary network sensor that delivers integrated, multi-layer detect-in-depth capability. Features include:

● The ability to detect both known and unknown threats across your entire network – threats which bypass traditional perimeter controls.

● Deployed as either a virtual sensor or a physical appliance at network choke points and high value assets/servers on a SPAN/TAP port. Scales to support both small and enterprise networks.

● Continuous monitoring and management by the LMNTRIX Cyber Defense Center.

● Integration with LMNTRIX Intelligence: real-time security intelligence using the largest community-based immunity system.

● Automatic ticket generation in the event of an alert. Tickets are confirmed by our Intrusion Analysts and escalated to the client/partner for containment and remediation.

● Continuous Response subscribers can have breaches validated and blocked remotely on the endpoint by our Incident Responders.

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