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Compromise Assessment


High-profile data breaches in the news represent only a fraction of the intrusion activity carried out globally. Knowing whether your organisation has been breached and identifying ways to reduce risk is crucial to preventing your organisation from becoming the next major data breach headline.

The LMNTRIX consultants use LMNTRIX technologies to search endpoints, monitor network traffic, inspect email and web communications as well as a thorough search of the deep and dark web for evidence of attacker activity and past breaches. The consultants also use signatureless data analysis techniques to find previously unseen attacker activity. Customers choose the correct combination of technologies that makes the most sense for their environment.

  • Endpoint inspection: LMNTRIX Endpoint Security agents are used to provide real-time detection of attacker activity, including malware and other tactics, techniques and procedures, and investigate Windows, macOS, Linux ad Solaris endpoints. LMNTRIX experts provide the flexibility of on-premises and cloud deployments.
  • Network inspection: LMNTRIX Network Security sensors are deployed in strategic monitoring locations in your enterprise to detect compromise activity such as malware command and control communication, unauthorized remote access, and data theft.
  • Email & Web traffic inspection: LMNTRIX Email and Web Security monitoring is conducted on premises and is configured to passively inspect inbound and outbound email and web traffic. Dynamic inspection of attachments allows LMNTRIX experts to identify intrusion campaigns before other signature-based products.
  • Log inspection: LMNTRIX consultants leverage multiple technologies to review logs from applications and infrastructure to identify malicious activity.
  • Deep & Dark Web inspection: LMNTRIX shines a light on the deep and dark web by using our intelligence, knowledge and proprietary techniques to your advantage. Whether an attacker has stolen your data and is looking to sell it online or if someone is planning to breach your organization and is seeking advice on how to do so, we can use the attacker’s platforms against them so you can be certain of your defences.


  • Comprehensive analysis of your environment—focused on finding evidence of ongoing or past compromises
  • A view into your organisation’s systemic risks and exposures
  • Identification of your security program’s hygiene issues
  • Best practice recommendations for furthering your organisation’s ability to effectively respond to future incidents
  • Options to deploy on-premise or cloud-hosted technology



  • Analysis of endpoint, network, email, dark web and log data
  • Identification of compromised systems
  • Report of attacker activity
  • Summary of findings
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