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LMNTRIX is a MDR provider that delivers a fully managed, security analyst delivered service that defends against zero-day attacks, and advanced persistent threats with analytics, deceptions, monitoring, hunting, inspection and correlation from our Cyber Defense Center, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

LMNTRIX offers a validated and integrated threat detection & response capability for addressing advanced and unknown threats that bypass perimeter controls. We use a combination of advanced network and endpoint threat detection, deceptions everywhere, big data analytics, machine learning and global threat intelligence technology. These will be complemented with continues monitoring, threat hunting and analytics.

LMNTRIX is an Australian based start-up who has global aspirations to be a leading provider of cyber defense services. In this role you will work directly with the CDC Manager and company founder (Carlo Minassian) who build and sold earthwave – one of the early MSSPs that was recognized by Gartner as a leading MSSP.

Profit sharing will be offered to the right candidate together with an above market package.


Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, Mathematics, or Computer Science.

Technical / Professional
CISSP, CEH, GPEN, OSCP or similar security certifications

Required Skill Set (In case of IT requirements):

● Experience with threat assessment, vulnerability analysis, risk assessment, information gathering, correlating and reporting
● Ability to perform malicious code reverse engineering
● Ability to utilize common sandbox technology to perform dynamic malware analysis
● Ability to identify and recommend mitigations for vulnerabilities and exploits
● Understanding of “attacker” methodologies and tactics, including kill-chain analysis
● Familiarity with Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups and hacker activity
● Experience analyzing phishing attacks
● Significant experience in network intrusion detection
● Experience creating specific mitigation tactics such as IDS signatures
● Ability to read network logs and analyze network packet capture data
● Expert knowledge of cyber security methodologies and security practices

Relevant Industry:

IT, Security, MSSP, Telco

Job Description / Responsibilities:

You are fanatical about security. No really…you will do whatever it takes to keep the bad guys out. You have a strong understanding of network and host based attacker methodologies. Analyzing forensic data, picking apart malware, and responding to security incidents excites you! You thrive and enjoy working in a fast paced environment, surrounded by brilliant and like-minded people. You walk into the office everyday with a passion to learn more. You derive great satisfaction from delighting customers, have strong attention to detail, exude excellence and have more drive than an exotic Italian sports car.

As a Incident Responder you will be focused on host and network analysis, diving deep into host systems and packets hunting for attackers or remnants of their activity. Alongside your wicked smart team members, you’ll be entrusted to deliver high impact and value services to some of the most recognized brands in the world, protecting them from threats that actually matter to their business…24×7.


What We Will Do For You

● Let you scour systems and analyze tons of network traffic looking for attacker presence
● Be Challenged to evolve how we detect and respond to attackers by authoring new and innovative Indicators of Compromise
● Expose you to some of the most exciting and cutting edge techniques to find evil
● Training and continuous coaching and mentoring to grow your technical and professional skills like no one else
● Work with a team of brilliant people that you can learn from and build lasting relationships with
● Develop an understanding of your aspirations and provide opportunities that we believe will get you there
● Inspiration to stretch your performance by allowing you to tackle seemingly impossible problems
● Encouragement challenge the status quo, think creatively, and innovate –make us better
● An environment of trust and camaraderie, where you can speak freely about your ideas
● A platform from which you can make a real impact against the bad guys
● Develop an understanding of, and be flexible to, your needs

What You Can Do For Us
●Get your toolbox out and dive deep into systems to help us identify and eradicate attackers
●Use your insanely keen network analysis skills to find evil on the wire
●Develop use cases and supports the continuous improvement of the organizations monitoring and detection capabilities
●Manages multiple investigation requests through the entire lifecycle of initiation, data collection, analysis, and data production
●Participate on Incident Response teams as a forensics and incident response subject matter expert
●Produce reports on incidents, risks, exploits and vulnerabilities
●Perform malicious code analysis and reverse engineering
●Works with customers and vendors for problem resolution
●Develop and maintain comprehensive documentation
●Standardize processes and procedures towards continual improvement
●Define relationships between seemingly unrelated events through deductive reasoning
●Come up with ways to do things faster, better and more effectively while maintaining a laser focus on quality
●Be fanatical about delighting our customers
●Be honest, transparent and genuine with our customers and your peers
●Exude excellence
●Make sure you have fun – lots of it
●Help us protect the world
●Work hard, but smart; balance your work and life

Additional Qualifications:
●Experience working on a mission critical security operations team, preferably 24×7.
●Exemplary communication and interpersonal skill.
●Experience producing reports and briefs on the current threat landscape and associated risks
●Experience monitoring third party security related websites, forums and social media sites for information regarding vulnerabilities and exploits
●Familiarity with data privacy laws and the associated security requirements
●Familiarity with analytics, big data, edr tools
●Experience developing proof of concept and/or exploit tools
●Proficient in programming/scripting languages such as Java, Perl and Python
●Ability to document and explain technical details clearly and concisely.
●A willingness to be challenged and a strong desire to learn.
●An open mind and an appetite for excellence.
●Experience working on a mission critical security operations team, preferably 24×7.
●Exemplary communication and interpersonal skill.
●Ability to document and explain technical details clearly and concisely.
●A willingness to be challenged and a strong desire to learn.
●An open mind and an appetite for excellence.

What You Can Bring With You:

●The ability to analyze event and systems logs, perform forensic analysis, analyze malware, and other incident response related data, as needed.
●Deep understanding of incident response best practices and processes
●Familiarity with intrusion detection systems (e.g., snort) and tools (e.g., tcpdump, Wireshark).
●Knowledge of attack vectors, threat tactics and attacker techniques.
●Familiarity with network architecture and security infrastructure placement.
●Understanding of Windows operating systems and command line tools.
●A solid foundation in networking fundamentals, with a deep understanding of TCP/IP and other core protocols.
●Knowledge of network based services and client/server applications.
●Your bachelors degree – or a very convincing argument.

Exp. Required in Years:

Min. : 7 Max. : 15

Compensation range & other Benefits:

Above market rate salary
Profit sharing model
Bonus awarded upon completion of 5yrs employment

Location of posting:


Reporting structure for the position:

CDC Manager

Type of Employment:


Hiring process / round of interviews:

Minimum 3 rounds

Reimburse to out location candidates incase of face to face interview:


Contact us (careers@lmntrix.com)

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