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Deception Technology Guide

As security challenges evolve, prevention-based security is hopelessly insufficient and outclassed. We know attackers have become more advanced, and we know that even the most expensive traditional security solutions fail to protect organizations.

The answer is to pivot from passive perimeter defenses to a proactive solution that can detect attacks within the perimeters early enough to prevent harm to the business. Deception-based solutions give security teams the ability to detect and contain attackers where damage is minimized. In addition, the team has the benefit of time and data to understand the attack and prevent reoccurrence.

The LMNTRIX Deception Technology Guide provides a summary of how undetectable deceptions create a hostile environment for attackers, stops lateral movement, and saves your critical assets.

Download this guide to learn:

  • An overview of cyber deception
  • Components of an enterprise deception solution
  • Implementing deceptions
  • Deception benefits
  • Deployment strategy
  • Current trends
  • Shifting power to defenders
  • Deception use cases
  • Cyber deception effectiveness
  • How LMNTRIX XDR benefits from deceptions

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