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Turning Inward

LMNTRIX reimagines MDR as it takes the traditional security mind set and turns it on its head. By realising that an enterprise’s borders can never be completely secured, it turns the attention inward and, in doing so, it turns the tables on attackers.

By focusing on the detection of attacks that breach the perimeter, breaches can be rapidly recognised and responded to. This significantly reduces the time an attacker has within a network, and nullifies their ability to do material harm.

This whitepaper will explore how this inward focus takes the advantage away from cyber attackers and finally levels the playing field.

Download this report to learn:

  • The failure of current approaches to cyber defence – we cover the continued failure of logs, SIEM, SOC, MSSPs and more
  • How MDR reimagines cyber security
  • How to turn the table on attackers by focusing on the business, not the border
  • A military approach to cyber defence where you assume you have been breached and that you will continue to be breached
  • How to be more offensive – not defensive. Be pro-active – not reactive
  • The adversarial pursuit approach – be the hunter | not the prey
  • And more...
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