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You’ve Been Hacked! Now What? How to Respond to Cybersecurity Incidents

It’s happened: You’ve received a breach notification — either from internal staff, an external tipster or law enforcement. Intruders have broken through your defenses and into your organization’s environment. What are your next steps?

Will you respond like the Equifax CEO Rick Smith who stated that the firm would be “defined by its response” then went onto publish a website on which customers had to file a claim by entering confidential information that Equifax had already mishandled!

Or will you handle it like Uber who was exposed for an attempted payment to keep criminals from exposing a massive data breach. It’s one thing to forgive the initial hack, but paying to cover it up is another thing. They even went as far as demanding the hackers signed nondisclosure agreements.

And in 2020, Travelex camouflaged a system-wide outage as a “scheduled maintenance,” later admitting that the event was the result of a massive ransomware attack, ignoring the age-old wisdom that “honesty is always the best policy.”

Download this whitepaper to learn how to respond to cybersecurity incidents including an Incident Handling Checklist so that you don’t repeat the mistakes made by the likes of Equifax, Uber and Travelex.

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