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LMNTRIX Achieves Highest Level of Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) Certification

Orange County, CA, May 05, 2022 – LMNTRIX the leading MDR and XDR vendor, today announced that it has achieved Level 1 compliance of the Payment Card Industry’s (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) for Service Providers.

The certification applies to the LMNTRIX Active Defense MDR and the LMNTRIX XDR platform across all five (5) LMNTRIX operations including United States of America, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore and India as well as all AWS operations in United States of America, United Kingdom, Singapore and India.

After an extensive independent audit of LMNTRIX’s people, processes, and technologies a Report on Compliance (ROC) was awarded by Cybersigma, a third-party qualified security assessor (QSA). This latest accomplishment is another significant milestone for LMNTRIX as both a vendor and service provider that delivers the LMNTRIX Active Defense MDR and LMNTRIX XDR platforms to a global clientele, validating their ability to secure and manage both small / medium and enterprise grade environments.

“While not every service provider is mandated by the card brands to be PCI compliant, it is important for all service providers to recognise the significant role they play as an extension of their customers’ IT estate,” said Mrityunjay Mishra, PCI Consultant at Cybersigma.

“LMNTRIX has elected the highest and most stringent PCI compliance audit validation level to demonstrate their security first culture, pedigree of service delivery and managed service capabilities. The PCI DSS Report on Compliance reinforces the company’s approach to security, which has been designed with specific policies to address the compliance challenges in on-premise environments and cloud environments.” said Abhay Singh, PCI Consultant at Cybersigma

“Our team has deep experience in securing compliant cloud environments for our customers’ data and applications. We understand that a strong security posture extends beyond technology and into core organisational business practices. Security is our number one priority at LMNTRIX, and we must provide the highest levels of assurance to our customers that we can facilitate the security and compliance goals of their business.” said Carlo Minassian, LMNTRIX CEO. “This achievement exemplifies our commitment to a security first culture and highlights our ability to align modern security protocols to the business objectives of our customers.”


LMNTRIX Active Defense is a managed detection, investigation and response service that leverages industry-recognized cyber security expertise and threat intelligence to accelerate detection and investigation of cyber-attacks.

LMNTRIX is the leader in intelligence led security-as-a-service. Working as a seamless, scalable extension of customer security operations, LMNTRIX offers a single MDR solution called Active Defense that blends our cyber defense platform called LMNTRIX XDR with innovative security technologies, nation-state grade threat intelligence and world-renowned Cyber Defence Centers. With this approach, LMNTRIX eliminates the complexity and burden of cyber security for organisations struggling to prepare for, prevent and respond to cyberattacks.  Our service differentiators include:

LMNTRIX XDR natively unifies Machine and Underground Intelligence, NGAV, EDR, NDR, Network Forensics, UEBA and Deception Everywhere with completely automated attack validation, investigation, containment, and remediation on a single, intuitive platform.

LMNTRIX Tech Stack is a powerful proprietary threat detection stack that is deployed onsite, behind existing controls. It’s made up of network sensors, endpoint agents and deceptions everywhere. It combines multiple threat detection systems, with machine learning, threat intel, correlation, static file analysis, heuristics, and behavior and anomaly detection techniques to find threats in real-time. It decreases alarm fatigue by automatically determining which alerts should be elevated to security events, and reduces false positives by requiring consensus across detection.

LMNTRIX Cyber Defense Centers – A global network of cyber defense centers that are complemented by our local partner SOCs, with highly trained and certified intrusion analysts who provide constant vigilance and on-demand analysis of your networks. Our intrusion analysts monitor your networks and endpoints 24×7, applying the latest intelligence and proprietary methodologies to look for signs of compromise. When a potential compromise is detected, the team performs an in- depth analysis on affected systems to confirm the breach. When data theft or lateral movement is imminent, our endpoint containment feature makes immediate reaction possible by quarantining affected hosts, whether they are on or off your corporate network while our automated network containment feature blocks the threat traversing your Firewalls or through our integration with cloud security solutions such as Zscaler, Netskope and Cisco Umbrella. This significantly reduces or eliminates the consequences of a breach.

To learn more about LMNTRIX, connect with an LMNTRIX security specialist in your region.
If you’re experiencing a security incident or if you’ve been breached, contact LMNTRIX at 1-888-958-4555.
For MSSP or MDR channel partner enquiries contact LMNTRIX channel team on partner@lmntrix.com


on May 4, 2022


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